Spectator Sports

Spectator Sports,

Spectator Sports means,

Examples include horse shows, motorcycle racing, auto racing, rodeos, sporting events such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey and football, wrestling or boxing.

Literal Meanings of Spectator Sports


Meanings of Spectator:
  1. People who watch programs, games or other programs.

Sentences of Spectator
  1. About 15,000 spectators began to experience emotions and abuse

Synonyms of Spectator

fly on the wall, looker-on, observer, non-participant, watcher, onlooker, sightseer, bystander, viewer, eyewitness, witness


Meanings of Sports:
  1. Loading or display (specific element)

  2. Play with enthusiasm and passion.

  3. An activity that requires physical effort and skill in which one person or team competes with another for fun.

  4. A person who behaves well or especially in response to satire, defeat or similar situations.

  5. Animals or plants that, due to random mutations, show surprising or unusual deviations from their original species, mainly in shape or color.

Sentences of Sports
  1. He wears a big mustache on the handle bars

  2. The children are playing water games

  3. Team sports such as football and rugby

Synonyms of Sports

have fun, wear, exhibit, romp, parade, entertain oneself, show off, divert oneself, frisk, cavort, caper, flourish, amuse oneself, physical recreation, (competitive) game(s), display, enjoy oneself, play, gambol, frolic, physical exercise, flaunt, have on show, physical activity