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Specific Rating,

Specific Rating: What is the Meaning of Specific Rating?

The Office of Insurance Services, Inc. (ISO) is based on property insurance pricing methods applied individually to individual properties and rates set by physical inspection of the property.

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Meanings of Specific:
  1. Medicines or drugs that are effective in treating a particular disease or part of the body.

  2. An exact description

  3. Clearly explained or identified.

  4. Related to or related to a species or species.

  5. (Duty or tax) is levied at a fixed rate for the physical unit of taxable goods regardless of the value.

  6. Indicates a number corresponding to the ratio between the property value of such a substance and the value of the same property of another substance, such as in water or space.

Sentences of Specific
  1. He accepted the idea as if he had offered a special treatment for cancer

  2. Working on contract details

  3. Update power supply to meet development needs

Synonyms of Specific

particulars, specifics, peculiar, separate, express, finer points, discrete, particular, details, niceties, definite, precise, single, distinct, specified, subtleties, certain, individual, set, determined, fixed


Meanings of Rating:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of someone or something based on quality, standard or performance parameters.

  2. Angry rebuke

Sentences of Rating
  1. The hotel has regained its five stars

Synonyms of Rating

designation, rank, position, category, grading, grade, placing, class, standing, status, classification, categorization, ranking