Specific insurance

Specific insurance,

Definition of Specific insurance:

  1. A policy whose coverage is specific to one property. If a property is covered by specific insurance and a blanket policy that covers more than one location, the specific insurance would be the primary insurance.

Meaning of Specific insurance & Specific insurance Definition

Specific Insurance,

What is The Meaning of Specific Insurance?

  • Meaning of Specific Insurance: 1) Insurance which includes ownership of the insured place against any full insurance, or 2) Insurance which is included in the registration form as the sum assured.

  • You can define Specific Insurance as, An insurance policy that covers only the assets specifically stated in the policy is not fully comprehensive insurance, which generally covers all assets at a given location.

  • Unlike general insurance, which represents, for example, the insured value of a building and its contents, which includes insurance, which includes the description, location and height of each item. The term special insurance is sometimes misused to refer to basic insurance. Don't make that mistake. (See General Insurance, Attachments and Planned Assets).

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Meanings of Specific:
  1. Clearly explained or identified.

  2. Related to or related to a species or species.

  3. (Duty or tax) is levied at a fixed rate per physical unit of taxable goods, regardless of the value of the product.

  4. Indicates or refers to a substance that corresponds to the ratio between the value of the property of a given substance and the value of the property of another substance that is used as a reference, such as water or equivalents Under space

  5. Drug drugs or effective treatments for the treatment of a particular disease or part of the body.

  6. Accurate details.

Sentences of Specific
  1. Only upgrade the power supply until it meets your specific design requirements

  2. Accepting the idea that she is being offered a certain type of cancer

  3. Working on contract details

Synonyms of Specific

details, discrete, definite, particulars, determined, precise, niceties, fixed, specified, distinct, finer points, particular, individual, separate, set, specifics, subtleties, certain, single, peculiar, express


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The methods or contracts used by companies or government agencies provide a guaranteed compensation for certain losses, injuries, illnesses or deaths in return for the payment of premiums.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Maintaining a high standard of personal conduct is an excellent guarantee against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

safeguard, indemnity, shelter, provision, financial protection, security, precaution, indemnification, cover, preventive measure, protection, safety measure, immunity, defence, surety