Specific Identification Method

Specific Identification Method,

What is The Meaning of Specific Identification Method?

A way to estimate inventory costs that come from a particular purchase.

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Meanings of Specific:
  1. Medicines or drugs that are effective in treating a particular disease or part of the body.

  2. An exact description

  3. Clearly explained or identified.

  4. Related to or related to a species or species.

  5. (Duty or tax) is levied at a fixed rate for the physical unit of taxable goods regardless of the value.

  6. Indicates a number corresponding to the ratio between the property value of such a substance and the value of the same property of another substance, such as in water or space.

Sentences of Specific
  1. The idea was to offer a special treatment for cancer

  2. Working on contract details

  3. Only update the power supply until it meets your specific keyboat development needs

Synonyms of Specific

particulars, peculiar, set, finer points, subtleties, single, determined, individual, specified, discrete, distinct, niceties, precise, fixed, certain, particular, definite, express, separate, details, specifics


Meanings of Identification:
  1. The act or process of recognizing or identifying something or something.

Sentences of Identification
  1. Each child receives an ID number

Synonyms of Identification

recognition, spotting, pinpointing, picking out, singling out, placing, naming, pointing out


Meanings of Method:
  1. A special process for acquiring or dealing with something, especially an organized or established process.

Sentences of Method
  1. How to restore software

Synonyms of Method

method of working, formula, mechanism, practice, system, medium, routine, process, technique, modus operandi, procedure, means