Specific gravity

Specific gravity,

Definition of Specific gravity:

  1. The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard, usually water for a liquid or solid, and air for a gas.

  2. Outdated but still popular term for relative density.

Synonyms of Specific gravity

G, G suit, Apogeotropism, Closeness, Compactness, Congestedness, Congestion, Consistence, Consistency, Crowdedness, Denseness, Density, Firmness, Geotropism, Gluiness, Gravitation, Graviton, Gravity, Hardness, Impenetrability, Impermeability, Imporosity, Incompressibility, Jammedness, Mass, Relative density, Solidity, Solidness, Spissitude, Thickness, Viscidity, Viscosity, Viscousness

How to use Specific gravity in a sentence?

  1. The common glycols are colorless liquids with specific gravities greater than that of water.

Meaning of Specific gravity & Specific gravity Definition