Special Risks

Special Risks,

What is The Meaning of Special Risks?

Special Risks refers to Property insurance that covers all risks until it is eliminated. Formerly known as Comprehensive Policy.

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Meanings of Special:
  1. Something like an event, product or show that was designed or organized for a specific event or purpose.

  2. Better, bigger or different than usual.

Sentences of Special
  1. Special selection of late night special television

  2. They always struggle at Christmas

Synonyms of Special

exceptional, unique, outstanding, notable, unusual, uncommon, extra special, noteworthy, remarkable, marked, singular, particular


Meanings of Risks:
  1. Expose someone or anything of value for loss, damage or loss.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of Risks
  1. Disobeying the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risks

prospect, endanger, threat, venture, chance, wager, peril, put in danger, jeopardize, bet, take a chance with, gamble with, possibility, menace, fear, danger, gamble, probability, put on the line, likelihood, put at risk, imperil, expose to danger