Special Provisions

Special Provisions,

What Does Special Provisions Mean?

  1. Special Provisions means: It indicates additional limits, terms and costs that may apply to the policy.

Literal Meanings of Special Provisions


Meanings of Special:
  1. Better, bigger or different than normal.

  2. Some event, product or show is designed or organized for a specific event or purpose.

Sentences of Special
  1. They always work hard at Christmas

  2. Election night special

Synonyms of Special

marked, remarkable, notable, unique, singular, extra special, uncommon, noteworthy, exceptional, outstanding, particular, unusual


Meanings of Provisions:
  1. Something to use Spread or spread something.

  2. The quantity or supply of something.

  3. Terms or requirements in legal documents.

  4. Appointment of beneficiaries, mostly directly from the pope, and not from the boss, and before the initial vacancy.

  5. Provide food, drink or supplies, especially for travel.

  6. Save money for known obligations in the organization's account.

Sentences of Provisions
  1. New service agreement

  2. Development of transportation offerings

  3. The first private procedure under the provisions of the 1989 Water Act

  4. Consider another example of medieval populism in medieval England.

  5. The Civil Force contractor is responsible for providing the force

  6. Financial institutions need to finance themselves from credit losses

Synonyms of Provisions

giving, supplying, arm, accoutre, specification, purveying, delivery, term, fit out, donation, provide, supply, fit up, furnishing, equipment, equip, rig out, resources, arrangements, providing, services, outfit, allocation, facilities, amenities, distribution, resource, stipulation