What is The Definition of SPECIAL HAZARD?

  • SPECIAL HAZARD definition is: Risk-taking usually leads to unforeseen losses, such as: hazardous waste, effective operation in adjacent areas, etc.

Literal Meanings of SPECIAL HAZARD


Meanings of SPECIAL:
  1. Better, bigger or different than normal.

  2. Something like an event, product or show was designed or organized for a specific event or purpose.

Sentences of SPECIAL
  1. They always work hard at Christmas

  2. Election night special

Synonyms of SPECIAL

particular, noteworthy, remarkable, marked, singular, unique, notable, exceptional, outstanding, unusual, uncommon, extra special


Meanings of HAZARD:
  1. Danger or danger.

  2. Random possibility

  3. A game of two dice puzzles in which puzzles are complicated by arbitrary rules.

  4. Dare to say anything

  5. Dangers of losing (something).

Sentences of HAZARD
  1. Dangers of smoking

  2. We cannot calculate the law of chance

  3. Game of Thrones can be played by many people.

  4. He took the risk of guessing

  5. The risk of trading in goods is a risk to money

Synonyms of HAZARD

gamble, jeopardize, accident, venture, bet, probability, put at risk, menace, providence, luck, peril, chance, fate, destiny, proffer, stake, fortune, take a chance with, put forward, serendipity, risk, danger, fortuity, threat, advance, volunteer