Special Features

Special Features,

What is The Definition of Special Features?

A special feature of an insurance contract is the details of the insurance contract that distinguish it from other legally binding contracts, such as an honest offer, the violation of which can invalidate the insurance contract.

Literal Meanings of Special Features


Meanings of Special:
  1. Something like an event, product or show that was designed or organized for a specific event or purpose.

  2. Better, bigger or different than usual.

Sentences of Special
  1. Special election night

  2. They always struggle at Christmas

Synonyms of Special

noteworthy, remarkable, notable, outstanding, uncommon, particular, marked, extra special, exceptional, unusual, singular, unique


Meanings of Features:
  1. Being an important attribute or aspect.

  2. Assign features or aspects of something.

  3. Newspaper or magazine articles or events that cover a particular topic, usually in depth

Sentences of Features
  1. The hotel has a large lounge, sauna and solarium for an additional fee.

  2. Well decorated house with attractive decorative elements

  3. Special section in reference books for children

Synonyms of Features

hallmark, write-up, promote, present, criticism, piece, make a feature of, focus attention on, analysis, exposé, quality, trademark, accent, attribute, report, mark, property, highlight, commentary, give prominence to, trait, spotlight, column, article, characteristic, review, call attention to, story, item