Special Crime Insurance

Special Crime Insurance,

What Does Special Crime Insurance Mean?

  1. The type of insurance that covers losses due to the kidnapping and arrest of an employee of the company or the risk of loss of person or property if the ransom is not paid. As a result, special crime policies are also known as kidnapping, ransom and extortion insurance. The guidelines generally cover some or all of the following risks: (1) Sick person abduction (2) Extortion for bodily harm (BI) (Sick person risk of abduction, injury or death) (3) Damage to extortion Insured person's property (PD) (damage or contamination of insured person's product, tampering with insured person's product or sick person's trade secrets or other property Risk of disclosure of information (4) Unwarranted detention (compulsory detention of the insured) or (5) Payment of ransom in the category of damages under the misuse policy, unwarranted detention costs (attempt to find and rescue the victim) Costs incurred) and transit / delivery costs (for recovery, disappearance or destruction of victims). Delivery on remittances) and other expenses (payment of gifts to informants, interest on relief loans, security consultants' fees), litigation, settlement and defense costs ) And payment of injury at the time of death or in dealing with the incident (to the affected or affected insured person). Most policies have separate limits for each of these losses, as well as general annual limits. Specific crime insurance can be included in independent corporate crime insurance policies or is available as part of a liability management policy.

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