Special Class

Special Class,

What is The Meaning of Special Class?

  1. A simple definition of Special Class is: Policies that are subject to additional premium rates due to additional risks.

Literal Meanings of Special Class


Meanings of Special:
  1. Better, bigger or different than normal.

  2. Designed or organized for a specific event or purpose, such as an event, product or show.

Sentences of Special
  1. They always work hard at Christmas

  2. Election night special

Synonyms of Special

exceptional, particular, extra special, unusual, marked, singular, uncommon, notable, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding, unique


Meanings of Class:
  1. A set or category of items that have the same characteristics or attributes and differ from others in terms of type, type or quality.

  2. A community management system in which people are divided into groups based on their perceptions of social or economic status.

  3. Show a beautiful border.

Synonyms of Class

kind, sort, type, order, variety, genre, brand, social division, social order, social stratum, rank, level, echelon, group, grouping, set, caste, form, study group, school group, stream, band, classify, categorize, grade, rate, excellent