Special assessment

Special assessment,

Definition of Special assessment:

  1. Taxes are levied on property in some areas that directly benefit the public, such as sidewalks, highways, lanes and public lighting.

Meaning of Special assessment & Special assessment Definition

Special Assessment,

Special Assessment Definition:

  1. A simple definition of Special Assessment is: Local governments charge a fee for updates or services. This generally applies to people who benefit from such services.

Literal Meanings of Special Assessment


Meanings of Special:
  1. Something like an event, product or show that was designed or organized for a specific event or purpose.

  2. Better, bigger or different than usual.

Sentences of Special
  1. Special election night

  2. They always struggle at Christmas

Synonyms of Special

noteworthy, extra special, outstanding, unique, particular, uncommon, marked, singular, exceptional, notable, unusual, remarkable


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. Testing or evaluation of someone's nature, quality or performance or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Determining educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

evaluation, appraisal, gauging, analysis, judgement, opinion, estimation, rating

Special Assessment,

How To Define Special Assessment?

  • Local government invoice for upgrade or service fee. You usually take advantage of this service.

Literal Meanings of Special Assessment


Meanings of Special:
  1. Very good or precious

  2. It refers specifically to a particular person or place.

  3. Designed or organized for a specific person, purpose, or event.

  4. (A subject) is studied in detail.

  5. It is used to demonstrate education for students with special educational needs due to physical, mental, or behavioral disabilities.

  6. Determine the group formed by the unit determination matrix.

  7. An event, product or show designed or arranged for a specific event or purpose.

  8. Dishes that are not part of the restaurant's regular menu, but are served on specific days.

  9. Products or services offered at temporarily lower prices.

Sentences of Special
  1. Grandpa and I have had a special meal at another time.

  2. The taste is different, more special than others.

  3. As he experimented with special glasses and various exhibitions and objects, his photography became increasingly influenced by art.

  4. This particular situation involves many things.

  5. She wondered why June was so special and different.

  6. Everyone from different parts of the park has their own special memories.

  7. As a school-age girl, Swetha equates her special abilities with other extracurricular activities.

  8. Maybe he was wrong: maybe it was very special, very different.

  9. We try to perform well.

Synonyms of Special

signal, tailor-made, custom-built, festive, peculiar, certain, purpose-built, significant, express, important, course, precise, distinct, individual, of moment, gala, historic, memorable, item of food, red-letter, specific


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of the nature, quality or performance of someone or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Market value assessment.

  2. Take a quick look at the situation.

  3. The brochure contains very little to base an accurate assessment on.

  4. How the attack was planned and what kind of threat was assessed.

  5. All jobs and the people who apply for them are assessed through a rigorous risk assessment.

  6. The board assessed the risk for foot and mouth disease and considered free passage safe.

  7. A review of the features of this future striker here and now is invaluable.

  8. Staff training has begun and will continue with patient diagnosis and training.

  9. A national pilot study is underway to determine if this assessment is accurate.

  10. Beautiful citizens of the world, however, do not share our humble notes.

  11. Our decision about the value of your life should not be influenced by the bandits who humiliated you.

Synonyms of Assessment

computation, pricing, estimate, calculation, costing

Special Assessment

A fee charged by a local government for the cost of an improvement or service. It is usually charged by those who use the service.