Spasmodically Definition

Spasmodically Definition

What does the word convulsed mean?

Refers to, is affected, or has the character of an ■■■■■■. 2. Happens regularly: convulsive blows. During bursts of energy or feelings of arousal.

What does spasmodic mean?

Definition of spasmodic. 1a: related or affected or characterized by convulsions. b: An ■■■■■■, especially with sudden violence, is like a convulsive shock. 2: act appropriately or continue: periodic seizure activity. 3: Subject to bursts of emotional tension: exciting.

Do you also know what it means to be besieged?

  1. Haunt the torment: we are besieged by turbulence. 2. Surrounding area with besieging troops: the enemy has besieged the enclave. [Probably besieging the Dutch: time, round (from central Dutch bie se ambhi in Indo-European roots) + doctors, camp se ties in Indo-European roots.

]Is cramp a word?

Adjective. associated or with the nature of a spasm characterized by spasms. it looks like a sudden but briefly sporadic cramp or spasm: convulsive reform work.

How do you use spasmodic in a sentence?

Examples of convulsive sentences

  1. In the convulsive form the symptoms were nervous in nature.
  2. For whooping cough or other conditions where there is a spasmodic effect of muscle fibers in the bronchial definition, which includes almost all forms of asthma and many cases of bronchitis, atropine is a very valuable drug.

What is a tower?

In architecture, a tower (from Italian: turret, small tower from Latin: turris, torre) is a small tower that protrudes vertically from the wall of a building like a medieval castle. As their military use waned, the towers began to be used for decorative purposes, such as in the Scottish baronial style.

How do you use the word incorrectly in a sentence?

Examples of misspelled sentences But even in its wrong state, the book was recognized as extraordinary and almost unique. The main representative of false religion is Simon Magus. We must now consider the so-called false arches that we sometimes see on the inner edge of the primary arch and on the outer edge of the secondary arch.

What does Spazmatique mean?

Something convulsive is having a fit, a loss of muscle control. When you go out, you feel tense. A sudden ■■■■■■ or involuntary contraction of the muscles is called spasm and therefore convulsive behavior.

What does madly happy mean?

crazy. Extremely Happy or Excited: Kate and Peter are incredibly happy together.

Who is a fanatic?

1 lover, ardent soul, fanatic, hotheaded, activist. Fanatic, passionate, militant, loving refers to people who show more than usual support, attachment or interest in a cause, point of view or activity. Fanaticism also implies unbalanced or obsessive behavior: a fanatic fanatic.

Is drought a name?

Name. a dry period of time, especially long, harmful to plants. a long-term flaw: a drought of good writing.

What does paroxysmal mean?

Paroxysmal seizures or convulsions (from the Greek παροξυσμός) are a sudden recurrence or worsening of symptoms such as cramps or convulsions. The word paroxysm suddenly means ■■■■■■, eruption and comes from the Greek παροξυσμός (paroxusmos), irritation, irritation.

Which part of the speech is convulsive?

spasmodic pronoun: adjective definition 1: related to, similar to or characterized by spasmodic spasms or spasms. Definition 2: Sudden and short-lived or occurs during periodic outbreaks.

Spasmodic Laughter Words: Appropriate, Irregular, and Periodic Word Combinations Subscribers Only About This Feature What Do Muscle Spasms Mean?

Muscle spasms are an involuntary contraction of a muscle that can cause severe pain. When the joint facets of the spine are injured or inflamed, the muscles that support the spine can become cramped, causing lower back pain and reduced mobility. Heat therapy with a heating pad can also help relax muscle spasms.

How do you use the word besieged in a sentence?

Examples of besieged in a besieged sentence For the besieged opposition it was worse. You’ve identified another looming problem for the struggling auto industry. This has been a difficult year for the besieged industry.

What does reckless love mean?

imprudent. Relentless is an adjective that describes someone or something that doesn’t want to give up, for example someone who tries fifty different flavors of ice cream in search of the perfect flavor. The word reckless generally describes a person who is stubborn and persistent in their endeavors.

What is the synonym for besieged?

Synonyms. they annoy the bed devils frustrate the insect pests they torment the limbs of the crucified badger.

What does it mean to besiege something?

besieges something. Expression. When the police, military or journalists besiege a place, they surround it to force people out or to give up control of the place. The rebels besieged the governors’ residence. See the full dictionary entry for the post.

What does it mean to be wrapped?

Definition of envelope used by English teachers: Cover completely (someone or something): wrap or wrap completely (someone or something)

Spasmodically Definition