Span of control

Span of control,

Definition of Span of control:

  1. The number of subordinates that the manager or supervisor can directly control. This number depends on the type of work: complex and variable jobs reduce it to six, while the usual workload is twenty or more.

  2. Area of ​​activity and number of actions, persons or things for which the individual or organization is responsible.

Synonyms of Span of control

Range, Territory, Turf, Authority, Sweep, Reach, Realm, Area of activity, Scope, Compass, Jurisdiction, Sphere, Domain, Preserve, Ambit, Department, Province, Remit, Sphere of influence, Span of control

How to use Span of control in a sentence?

  1. My manager had a lot of control and he was able to impress the people on the floor and three other people who really impressed me.
  2. A chart like this reflects an organization's ranking level and areas of control.
  3. The manager's control area is very wide in the scope of his influence on the business plan.
  4. You need to decide how much time you can control, don't try to take more time than you control.

Meaning of Span of control & Span of control Definition