Soy Socio Boca

Soy Socio Boca

What can I visit at Boca Court and I'm not a member, can I participate through resale?

I'll ask you for 100 pesos.

Wrestle, if you make a lot of money there I don't think you can get a seat. I have some friends who want to go and they can't because there is no more room for members to expand the stadium, here There are 75,000 members and there is only room for 52,000.

You can get resale tickets, even if they are a little expensive for you. You need to talk to the 12 people who need to be sealed.

When they never fill up, Jackie doesn't talk dirty to them in the stadium.

Well, I understand the partner. When you have so many partners, why is the court always empty?

The re-evaluation of the upcoming tournaments is the first river, so there is nothing to say about it.

Soy Socio Boca

Soy Socio Boca

There you get bogged down, you have to become a member ... otherwise (you'll have to resell which costs more than double).

Boca, with the appropriate height and capacity for the largest club in the United States, must expand or build a stadium ...

Boca will be filled every Sunday with 70,000 people (quota extension for members and sales for non-members) ... and not to mention the date of the cup ...

It will be an excellent area of ​​modern technology in La Ribera ...

Hello and good luck to you


Makri, unlike your club, not everyone gets a ticket to see Boca ... Do you know Boca's waiting list to join? ... If we open the doors of Buma to the public, the stadium will be too small ... Don't talk if you don't know.


Empty stadium. ... Chi Y River meets the monument every 15 days? ..I see a lot of empty eos and ... I repeat, sales are for members only and with a daily quota ... and I repeat it when the door is open to the public (other Like CS) No pin A fits in Buma. .. P leaves members, it is unfair, so Boca needs a more capable stadium ..

Soy Socio Boca