Definition of Sovereignty:

  1. Ownership and complete control over the ownership of individuals and other entities.

  2. Absolute government and authority, the expression of a supreme and supreme political state under a superpower, is the expression of complete self-government in its sovereign territory and complete freedom from any external influence.

Synonyms of Sovereignty

Infinity, Caliphate, First place, Suzerainty, Self-determination, Sway, Predominance, Regulation, Preponderance, Headship, Government, Overlordship, Paramountcy, Omnipresence, Omnipotency, Sovereign nationhood, Stewardship, Queenship, Reign, Nationhood, Foremanship, Dominion, Omnisciency, Nationalism, Blue ribbon, Authority, Proprietary, Whip hand, Mastery, Polity, Infinite wisdom, Intendancy, Management, Predomination, Chairmanship, Power, Sultanship, Superintendency, Record, Talons, Be-all and end-all, Possessorship, Superintendence, Claws, Domination, Landownership, Top spot, System of government, Overseership, Presidency, Ascendance, Emperorship, Supervisorship, Generalship, Administration, Self-government, Infinite mercy, Superiority, Dominium, Jurisdiction, Hegemony, Unity, Upper hand, Rule, Infinite justice, Glory, Rajaship, Peoplehood, Ne plus ultra, Control, Custody, Say, Zenith, Imperialism, Queenhood, Supremacy, Czardom, Authorization, Infinite power, Imperium, Direction, Dictatorship, Infinite love, Preeminence, Dispensation, Palms, Championship, Principality, Majesty, Discipline, Prepotence, Masterdom, Ascendancy, Acme, Light, Convenership, Nationality, Kingship, Landholding, Clutches, Eminent domain, Leadership, The throne, Command, Directorship, Internationality, Holiness, Ownership, Dominancy, New high, First prize, Captainship, Independence, Internationalism, Governorship, Land tenure, Influence, Guardianship, Regnancy, Grip, Form of government, Eternity, Mastership, Infinite goodness, Supervision, Seigniory, Balance of power, Primacy, Directorate, Political organization, Empery, Highest, Iron hand, Oversight, Dominance, Raj, Governance, Prepotency, Hand, Predominancy, Proprietorship, Landowning, Disposition, Proctorship, The crown, Empire, Maximum, Kaiserdom, Regimen, Omnipotence, Sultanate, Kaisership, Statehood, Managership, Kinghood, Royalty, Civil government, Most, Ubiquity, Immutability, Effectiveness, Omniscience, Height, Hands, Regime, Lordship, Ascendant, Suzerainship

Meaning of Sovereignty & Sovereignty Definition