Sovereign immunity

Sovereign immunity,

Definition of Sovereign immunity:

  1. Legal doctrine that a State cannot be sued in the courts under its jurisdiction by its own citizens. It generally does not cover government officers such as presidents, prime ministers, ministers, etc., and their actions.

  2. The official exemption of a ruler or state from certain types of civil suit and criminal prosecution.

Meaning of Sovereign immunity & Sovereign immunity Definition

Sovereign Immunity,

Sovereign Immunity Definition:

  • The idea that the government, state or federal government is exempt from litigation, unless approved, usually by law.

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Meanings of Sovereign:
  1. A high ruler, especially a king.

  2. An old British gold coin worth a pound sterling, made for celebration purposes only.

  3. It has the greatest or greatest resistance.

Sentences of Sovereign
  1. The emperor was the first Japanese ruler to visit England

  2. How do I find the latest prices for Kirgrenand and Gold Sovereignty?

  3. In a modern democracy, the will of the people is ideologically independent

Synonyms of Sovereign

suzerain, total, supreme ruler, Crown, dynast, unbounded, supreme, crowned head, unconditional, unrestrained, infinite, overlord, paramount, leader, unlimited, potentate, boundless, head of state, ruler, utter, full, monarch


Meanings of Immunity:
  1. Biological ability to fight certain infections or toxins through the action of specific antibodies or sensitive white blood cells.

Sentences of Immunity
  1. Typhoid immunity increases exponentially.

Synonyms of Immunity

resistance to, non-susceptibility to, protection from, ability to counteract, ability to withstand, ability to fight off, defences against, resilience to, lack of susceptibility to