Definition of Source:

  1. Obtain from a particular source.

  2. Place from where things originate. For example, the source of an accounting error may be a computer glitch.

  3. A place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

  4. A specific publication or other type of media where specific information was obtained. These are usually included in footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography, and can be people. For example, a news publisher may have exclusive information from a person or source working in a company.

Synonyms of Source

Origin, Place of origin, Adviser, Ambition, Announcer, Annunciator, Antecedent, Aspiration, Author, Authority, Authorship, Basis, Begetter, Beginning, Birthplace, Bonanza, Calling, Cause, Channel, Commencement, Communicant, Communicator, Conception, Consideration, Cornucopia, Creator, Dawn, Dawning, Derivation, Determinant, Documentation, Enlightener, Expert witness, Font, Fount, Fountain, Fountainhead, Genesis, Goal, Gold mine, Gossipmonger, Grapevine, Grass roots, Ground, Guiding light, Guiding star, Head, Headstream, Headwater, Headwaters, Ideal, Inception, Informant, Information center, Information medium, Informer, Inspiration, Intention, Interviewee, Lode, Lodestar, Mainspring, Matter, Mine, Monitor, Mother, Motive, Mouthpiece, Newsmonger, Notifier, Onset, Opening, Origin, Original, Origination, Originator, Outset, Parent, Paternity, Press, Principle, Provenance, Provenience, Public relations officer, Publisher, Quarry, Radical, Radio, Radix, Reason, Reporter, Resource, Rise, Rising, Riverhead, Root, Roots, Rootstock, Sake, Score, Source of supply, Spokesman, Spring, Staple, Start, Starting, Stem, Stock, Taproot, Television, Teller, Tipster, Tout, Ulterior motive, Vein, Vocation, Well, Wellhead, Wellspring, Whence, Witness

How to use Source in a sentence?

  1. When a journalist is reporting on a story it is important that she has reliable source s to know that her information is correct.
  2. Mackerel is a good source of fish oil.
  3. The source of the rumor was eventually traced back to Amanda, who had started the rumor that Ben had fake teeth to get back at him for breaking up with her.
  4. According to an anonymous source , there was a conspiracy to frame an innocent man for the crime of treason against the country.
  5. Each type of coffee is sourced from one country.

Meaning of Source & Source Definition