Definition of Source:

  1. Get from a specific source.

  2. The place where things come from. For example, a billing error could be caused by a computer problem.

  3. The place, person or thing from which something comes or can be received.

  4. Some publications or other types of media from which certain information is obtained. They are usually found in footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies and can be individual. For example, a news editor may have proprietary information about a person or source who works for the company.

Synonyms of Source

Font, Quarry, Outset, Origin, Notifier, Mouthpiece, Derivation, Parent, Witness, Staple, Gold mine, Originator, Determinant, Publisher, Matter, Intention, Lode, Starting, Origination, Lodestar, Newsmonger, Interviewee, Grass roots, Calling, Goal, Bonanza, Inception, Vocation, Press, Mine, Television, Source of supply, Motive, Headwaters, Communicator, Rising, Guiding light, Conception, Begetter, Roots, Ambition, Fount, Reporter, Onset, Stem, Taproot, Head, Sake, Principle, Score, Genesis, Rise, Origin, Radix, Author, Vein, Informer, Teller, Announcer, Gossipmonger, Birthplace, Dawning, Cause, Guiding star, Dawn, Provenience, Enlightener, Mother, Cornucopia, Basis, Informant, Inspiration, Antecedent, Paternity, Adviser, Public relations officer, Headwater, Whence, Radio, Commencement, Ulterior motive, Annunciator, Creator, Aspiration, Resource, Ideal, Opening, Grapevine, Tout, Stock, Headstream, Rootstock, Communicant, Information medium, Wellhead, Information center, Tipster, Fountainhead, Spokesman, Expert witness, Spring, Place of origin, Channel, Well, Consideration, Fountain, Authorship, Wellspring, Radical, Root, Beginning, Start, Provenance, Mainspring, Documentation, Original, Riverhead, Authority, Reason, Ground, Monitor

How to use Source in a sentence?

  1. When a journalist reports a story, it is important that he has a reliable source that his information is accurate.
  2. Mackerel is a good source of fish oil.
  3. The source of the rumors ended up being linked to Amanda, who started the rumor that Ben had a toothache to accuse her of breaking up with him.
  4. According to anonymous sources, a conspiracy is being hatched to prosecute innocent people for treason.
  5. All kinds of coffee come from one country.

Meaning of Source & Source Definition

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