Source Principle Of Taxation

Source Principle Of Taxation,

How Do You Define Source Principle Of Taxation?

  • The principle of international taxation of income, regardless of whether the taxpayer's residence, ie, residents and non-residents, is taxed on the income of that country, according to which a country is eligible for its scope of income. Assumes revenue.

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Meanings of Source:
  1. A place, person or thing from which something comes or can be received.

  2. Get from a specific source.

Sentences of Source
  1. Mackerel is a good source of fish oil

  2. All kinds of coffee come from one country

Synonyms of Source

place of origin, origin


Meanings of Principle:
  1. Basic truths or phrases that form the basis of a system of belief or practice, or a chain of reasoning.

  2. General scientific phrases or laws that have many specific uses in a wide range.

  3. The source or basic basis of something.

Sentences of Principle
  1. Fundamentals of Christianity

  2. Physics has a great advantage here, because the ability to draw interesting conclusions from general principles was shown earlier in physics than in other sciences.

Synonyms of Principle

concept, postulate, truth, idea, proposition, theory


Meanings of Of:
  1. Shows the relationship between two organizations, usually one of an association.

  2. This shows the relationship between the address and the landmark.

  3. Express the relationship between a general type or category and the specific items that fall into this category.

  4. Derived from or associated with a verb.

Synonyms of Of

done by, by, from, caused by, made by, of, in, carried out by


Meanings of Taxation:
  1. Tax collection

Sentences of Taxation
  1. The progressive nature of taxation

Synonyms of Taxation

duty, tariff, tax, assessment, impost, fee, exaction, imposition, payment, excise, tithe, toll