Source document

Source document,

Definition of Source document:

  1. Check, cash register slip, deposit slip, invoice, voucher, etc., that evidences a business dealing. Source documents are a critical part of an audit trail for establishing the authenticity, and tracing the history, of a transaction.

How to use Source document in a sentence?

  1. The source document which was needed to verify the actual sale could not be located by all parties involved, delaying the sale.
  2. You need to make sure you have good records of any source document so that you know everything really got done corretly.
  3. The source document was in my hand, so I had proof that we had made the transaction and we were going to be okay.

Meaning of Source document & Source document Definition



SOURCE DOCUMENT definition is: Anything that contains information about other transactions that have been written, printed, typed or verified on a form and need to be processed (add, delete, multiply, share, store, etc.) )۔ This could be a cash cassette, invoice, credit, compensation commission debit, current account item, or provision for losses. In accounting, this factor is called the actual input factor.

Literal Meanings of SOURCE DOCUMENT


Meanings of SOURCE:
  1. The place, person or thing from which something comes or can be received.

  2. Get it from a specific source.

Sentences of SOURCE
  1. Mackerel is a good source of fish oil

  2. All kinds of coffee come from one country

Synonyms of SOURCE

origin, place of origin


Meanings of DOCUMENT:
  1. Written, printed or electronic articles that provide information, evidence or serve as official documents.

  2. Record (something) in writing, photography or anything else.

Sentences of DOCUMENT
  1. The website provides access to official documents and reports, but no political analysis.

  2. For years, photographers have documented the lives of miners

Synonyms of DOCUMENT

official paper, legal paper, paper, form, certificate, deed, charter, contract, legal agreement, record, register, report, log, chronicle, file, archive, catalogue, put on record, commit to paper, set down