Sour crude

Sour crude,

Definition of Sour crude:

  1. Sour crude is a type of crude oil known for its relatively high sulfur content. The presence of sulfur makes oil more difficult and costly to refine, causing sour crude to be viewed as a less desirable form of crude oil.

  2. By contrast, sweet crude oil is known for its low sulfur content and commands a higher price on international commodity markets.

  3. Crude oil containing a relatively large percentage (typically above 1 percent) of sulfur by weight.

How to use Sour crude in a sentence?

  1. Sour crude is a type of oil with high sulfur content.
  2. Sour crude products require additional processing to break down hydrocarbon compounds and remove various contaminants.
  3. It is considered less desirable than sweet crude, which has low sulfur content.

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