Soro Caseiro Para Caes

Soro Caseiro Para Caes

How to make cashew nuts for dehydration carotenoids ..:? Immediately

My baby has been dehydrated for 3 months. How to do it? dideskeeeeeee

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Required elements:

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Cool coffee


Thank you


the process:

Add hot water, not a cup, and then add salt and half a teaspoon, then the same thing will be fine, and then there is the salty thing for it.

Making a penguin type event would definitely be possible.

Don't waste time on the internet and take it to a veterinarian right away! There is no point in giving serum or it is not like tofu to animals or it is due to lack of water! It could be anything but serious and professional, I didn't want the doctor to know what was going on, so I took half a run!

To spend the summer in a short time, get some universities with a better price than veterinary clinics or other places!

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Take it to a veterinarian, as there will not be enough strength or consent to take it by serum. And you can't force it, otherwise the situation will get worse.

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Non-veterinary lighting

He knows what to do ...

1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt for 1 flake of filtered and / or boiled water If you do not have a teaspoon, use a teaspoon C and you inhale it every 20 minutes. Are If you haven't noticed the acquisition of Blackbird from a veterinarian, this will be better for you and for you.

Oh !! human The same prescription for human same, 2 tablespoons of Stellips Mobil and 1 teaspoon of salt in a liter of water, more or just 1 day in homemade whey, and take your little smile, for VC And part, but not the other day. Good luck, especially the logo they honey !!

Soro Caseiro Para Caes

Soro Caseiro Para Caes

Ingredients are: Approximately liters of filtered water and fermented salt and car. Or © © Basic: Put a strip and shiny cars with filtered and fermented water, then mix well and the logo can sound like a drink every 20 minutes.

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He has confirmed that he is a veterinarian, but I am impressed that the same prescription is used for humans ...


I think you should go to the veterinarian next door to do this because I also know ° m n how to make a serum for a dog. Good rate

Soro Caseiro Para Caes