Soro Caseiro Para Cachorro

Soro Caseiro Para Cachorro

How to make cashew serum for cacro filter dehydration ..:?

My baby has been dehydrated for 3 months. How to do it? to emphasize

Looks like he's still filthy hard not a hard one !!!!! But let's really need help:

Try to find out if you have much to do to feel comfortable.

Required elements:

A little flex

I am very hot

Cool coffee


Thank you

A syringe

the process:

Do not put hot water in a bowl and then add half a teaspoon of salt and leave very little and then shake the same thing sugar again well, and for that in a smile.

It will definitely be possible to create an event similar to Pango.

Don't waste time on the internet and take it to veterinarians right away! There is no point in giving serum or animals like tofu or dehydration! It could be anything more than serious and professional, not a doctor who knows or what's going on, and runs halfway!

To spend the summer shorter, get a better price from some university veterinary clinics or other places!

Good rating

Take it to the vet, as it will not have the strength or consent or the serum will need to be taken. And you can't say thank you or the situation will get worse.

A minor emergency veterinarian who should be treated by injection.

For 1 flake of filtered and / or boiled water, 1 teaspoon of coffee with sugar and salt. If you do not have a teaspoon of coffee, use a teaspoon and give it a sip every 20 minutes. If you don't feel like getting a blackbird from a veterinarian, it will be better for you and for him. If you have vomiting or diarrhea, go to a veterinary BJ.

Oh !! This is the same prescription for human serum, 2 teaspoons of steel and 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 liter of water, plus or homemade serum only takes 1 day, and your toddler takes it, you throw it away and make it again There are, but not the other day. Good luck, especially the logo they honey !!

Ingredients are: about liters liters of filtered water and fermented salt and car. Or © Basic mode: Put everything up for sale and add three sugar flakes with filtered and fermented water, then mix quickly and every 20 minutes you can vote for a drink.

Especially this decision

Just good with it]

I confirmed as a veterinarian, but I was impressed that the same prescription was used for humans.

Soro Caseiro Para Cachorro

Soro Caseiro Para Cachorro

I think you should go to the next vet because I also know how to make dog serum. Good rate

Soro Caseiro Para Cachorro