Sopa Do Hospital Do Coração

Sopa Do Hospital Do Coração

Heart soup okay? ۔

Oh, I didn't know I had soup with pH I appreciate it for people who need to be thin.

Owai: Yours sincerely.

From Al do Coração, it is used for heart patients who need to lose weight before major surgery.

Fat burning soup

1 impression.

1 n.

2 corn onions.

1 or 2 cans of crushed tomatoes (or chopped tomatoes)

Celery or 1 bunch of celery.

1 large cabbage.

1 minced meat.

3 زینور

2x your face hacked.

With salt, pepper, curry, sauce etc ...

Cut the fruit bones into small or medium pieces with water.

Fast spirit for 10 minutes, then lower or hold the spirit or boil point.

About 40 minutes. Enough to taste.

This soup can be made at any time of the day, when it is available.

Eat whenever you want, day or night, this soup burns calories.

How much, but come on, but it gets lost. I'm alone for a while.

You may be uncertain about nutrition.

Soup accessories

Your first day will be anything but a diet like a banana.

Eat fewer fruits, bananas and melons, or fewer calories.

You don't give most soup and fruit for one day. CH, for coffee, juice. drink

Alcohol or water vaade porà © m without sugar.

2 days or eat vegetables fresh, raw or.

Cooked to your liking. "You want a big baked sweet potato, eat it. Remember not to eat fruit.

For 3 days eat fruits and leg soup, fruits and vegetables as much as you want. But you can't eat baked sweet potatoes today. It was said to be eaten for 3 days until it appeared and in the right amount and balance, I would feel that it lost from 2300 kg to 3200 HG.

4 Dibana and Milk Magnet Eat a maximum of 8 bananas and get lots of flakes of milk that you don't want today, with banana soup to keep the temperature low or low with calories and carbohydrates, protein and calcium.

For 5 days of Fees and Tomatoes you can eat 280 grams to 400 grams of milk or canned tomatoes. For children, save 6 to 8 flakes of water to wash away the acid in your body. Reduce strands so you don't spend the day.

Fees and Vegetables 6 days Faith and eat the right amount of vegetables, as much or as much as you want (3 major phases included) plus no potatoes. Make sure you don't run out of hair soup every day.

7 days of rice, juices and fruits should include brown rice, such as non-glossy automotive juices and vegetables adevaade.Again if e. Make sure you don't run out of hair soup every day.


On the last seventh day, if you are not affected by TA, lose your CV from 4,500 KG to 7,500 KG. If you have lost 8,200 kg, stay out of TA for 2 or 3 days before the recommended.

I advise you to follow the advice of two leading migration experts in the region.

Sopa Do Hospital Do Coração