Songs With The Name Lindsay

Songs With The Name Lindsay

A letter with Lindsay's name? 3

My sister and his wife had a daughter (actually less than two hours ago) and they named her Lindsay. I have to sing to all my nieces and nephews. For example, I choose a song that I sing and sing it occasionally. They liked it, but they seemed to enjoy it.

I usually try to find a song that includes his name, but I have a hard time finding a song for my new nephew. Do you know any lyrics that have anything to do with Lindsay's name? And please don't sing Lindsay Lohan! This kid won't hear from me about this awesome song! )


I looked at the lyrics page, but all I could find were songs by Lindsay Lohan or Lindsay Pagano.

Ten Shekel Shirt is a song called Use of Memories (Lindsay Song). This is ridiculous. This is the letter =]

You are my girl

You always save the day with your smile.

You know i'm in love

With those behind the beautiful eyes


I will build forever.

Use of memories is only for you and me.

You can find rooms inside.

Full of laughter, full of joy.

And your father's pride

Do this around the table and around the room

Now follow each other

Until laughter brings us down

Let's bow our heads at night, let's go.

And thanks for those memories

You are my angel

Sending love messages

You are my future

My part that comes after that.

Songs With The Name Lindsay

Songs With The Name Lindsay

Leave Lindsay, Lollygagg for Chiodio or something else

Maybe it would be better if you write your own song, they will like it more.

Thank you Goodman Uncle I don't understand that people can hear it ... Eve !!

Songs With The Name Lindsay

Songs With The Name Lindsay

Yes, what did Peters say?

I can't think of all of them ... but congratulations aunt !!!!!!!!!! Always keep lost in your pocket

Songs With The Name Lindsay