Son Las

Son Las

What is the difference between S La and Son Los in Spanish? 3


Sorry ... but currently in Spanish

One is ringing. This is a PM. You are there because you are.

Tired child It is two o'clock in the afternoon. The baby is tired because he has more than one.

File three, four, five ........

This is for you.

Su las is always a number after ending in A.

That ... Nina that ... that girl

Tired kids ... your girls ... are girls.

Basically, gold loss means accumulation.

In time, both will be in the present.

This is for its singular (one hour), while tired, as before (three, four, etc.) for its plural (more than one).

Son Las

Son Las

For example, welding is accumulated

Tired baby salad ........

She is one and she (girls)

Son Las