Definition of Solvent:

  1. Organic (such as hydrocarbons) or inorganic (such as acids) chemical compound used in industrial cleaning processes to dissolve, disperse, or carry solids, gases, or other liquids. There are hundreds of industrial solvents and many can pass rapidly through skin into bloodstream to cause cancer or injury to body organs (usually kidney and liver) or central nervous system. Many of them persist in nature (are not biodegradable) and pollute air, water, and soil, resulting in damage to animate and inanimate environment.

  2. State of financial soundness whereby an entity can meet its monetary obligations as they fall due.

  3. Liquid (such as water) in which other substances can be dissolved without chemically altering the solvent and the dissolved substance (called the solute).

Synonyms of Solvent

Ablative, Able to pay, Above water, Abstergent, Acetone, Alcohol, All clear, All straight, Anticoagulant, Aqua regia, Benzine, Biodegradable, Carbolic acid, Carbon tet, Carbon tetrachloride, Cathartic, Chloroform, Cleaner, Cleaning agent, Cleaning solvent, Cleanser, Cleansing cream, Clear, Cold cream, Corrosive, Cream, Cutting, Decomposable, Decomposing, Degradable, Dentifrice, Depurant, Detergent, Dilapidated, Diluent, Dilutant, Disintegrable, Disintegrated, Disintegrating, Disintegrative, Disjunctive, Disruptive, Dissolvent, Dissolving agent, Diuretic, Emetic, ■■■■■, Erosive, Ether, Flux, Free and clear, Gasoline, Good, Good for, Holystone, Liquefacient, Liquefier, Lotion, Moldering, Mouthwash, Nauseant, Out of debt, Phenol, Profitable, Pumice stone, Purgative, Purge, Purifier, Ravaged, Reliable, Resolutive, Resolvent, Rinse, Ruinous, Separative, Shampoo, Soap, Solid, Sound, Substantial, Synthetic detergent, Thinner, Thinning, Tooth powder, Toothpaste, Turpentine, Unindebted, Unowing, Wash, Water, Worn

How to use Solvent in a sentence?

  1. After many years of research without being able to bring a product to market, the company has run out of money and is no longer solvent .
  2. The solvent was so powerful that it was able to dissolve the industrial glue that had spilled, attaching the vice grips to the surface of the worktable.
  3. He used a solvent in his chemistry class to dissolve the metal, which he them mixed with another solution to create a precipitate.

Meaning of Solvent & Solvent Definition

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  1. You have enough money to pay off all your debts.

  2. You can fulfill your financial responsibility.

Meanings of Solvent

  1. A liquid in which a solution dissolves forms a solution.

  2. Keep assets that are repayable beyond the liabilities.

  3. It can dissolve other substances.

Sentences of Solvent

  1. When less solution is added to the solvent, the solution is considered unsatisfactory.

  2. Rising interest rates have a serious impact on companies that are generally located.

  3. Osmotic, chemical or solvent based effects

Synonyms of Solvent

of good financial standing, creditworthy, profit-making, debt-free, secure, in funds, in the black, financially sound, able to pay one's debts, not in debt, in credit


What is The Definition of Solvent?

  1. A simple definition of Solvent is: Have enough funds to pay off all your debts.

  2. Able to meet your financial obligations.

Meanings of Solvent

  1. They have more assets than debt repayment obligations.

  2. Able to dissolve other substances

  3. A liquid in which a solution dissolves to form a solution.

Sentences of Solvent

  1. Rising interest rates usually have a serious impact on solvent companies.

  2. osmotic, chemical or solvent action.

Synonyms of Solvent

ungeared, unlevered


Able to meet financial obligations.