Solvency Margin

Solvency Margin,

Solvency Margin Definition:

The total loss of insurance as a percentage of the supply of outstanding losses

The amount that the company needs in the form of cash or salable assets which must be more than the amount required to pay bills, debts, etc.

A simple definition of Solvency Margin is: Deductions are insured in accordance with insurance companies' asset insurance control rules that are on their liabilities. According to this rule, it should not be a specific minimum.

You can define Solvency Margin as, Amount / Assets which, if accounted for, will exceed insurance liabilities and other similar liabilities on insurance.

Literal Meanings of Solvency Margin


Meanings of Solvency:
  1. There are assets that exceed the debt settlement.

Sentences of Solvency
  1. The company believes that its solvency can be maintained


Meanings of Margin:
  1. The edge or edge of something.

  2. Obtained or insufficient quantity of something.

  3. Specify a limit or margin.

  4. Deposit funds as collateral with a broker (for accounts or transactions)

Sentences of Margin
  1. East coast of the Indian Ocean

  2. Convinced win by 17-point advantage

  3. Yellow striped leaves

  4. The new agreement is different from the result of the previous agreement

Synonyms of Margin

degree of difference, brink, measure of difference, fringe, periphery, brim, majority, rim, limits, edge, amount, extremity, bound, perimeter, border, gap, difference, boundary, bank, side, verge