Definition of Solubility:

  1. Solubility, especially in water.

  2. The amount of liquid dissolved in units of solids (called solvents) under certain conditions of temperature and pressure (known as a solvent) to form a saturated solution. Solvent is usually expressed in solvent values ​​of 100 g of solvent.

How to use Solubility in a sentence?

  1. Sodium chloride salt is one of the highest solubility of water due to its ionic bond, which easily dissolves in polar solutions.
  2. Steve likes to add powdered sugar to coffee, but soon finds out that the solubility of powdered sugar is much better.
  3. If you want to replace chocolate milk with cold milk, cocoa powder is very soluble, so you should use hot milk.

Meaning of Solubility & Solubility Definition