Definition of Soldering:

  1. Join with solder.

  2. A low-melting alloy, especially one based on lead and tin or (for higher temperatures) on brass or silver, used for joining less fusible metals.

  3. Metal joining process in which a low melting point (generally not exceeding 450°C or 840°F) filler metal (typically a fusible lead-tin alloy) is melted to fill the gap between two metal pieces.

Synonyms of Soldering

Attach, Join, Fasten, Fix, Affix, Couple, Link, Bridge, Secure, Make fast, Tie, Tie up, Bind, Fetter, Strap, Rope, Tether, Truss, Lash, Hitch, Moor, Anchor, Yoke, Chain

How to use Soldering in a sentence?

  1. The wires to this clip are soldered to the circuit board.
  2. Remove the fitting using a blowtorch to melt the solder.

Meaning of Soldering & Soldering Definition