SOLAR FLARE Definition:

  • SOLAR FLARE definition is: A solar blast is a powerful explosion in the solar system that has the energy of millions of hydrogen bombs. In the solar corona and chromosphere, solar energy begins to ignite, heating millions of calories to gases and accelerating heavy electrons, protons and ions at the speed of light. They produce a full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation for all wavelengths, from longwave radio signals to shortwave gamma rays. Solar flares, satellites, manned space missions, communications systems and the power grid are at risk.

Literal Meanings of SOLAR FLARE


Meanings of SOLAR:
  1. Related or fixed by the sun.

  2. Above the bedroom in a medieval house.

Sentences of SOLAR
  1. Solar radiation

  2. I guess what he found was a nail in a piece of blackboard that you find in the best class of medieval English houses between the hall and the property.


Meanings of FLARE:
  1. Suddenly, a short flash of fire or light.

  2. Gradually expand, especially skirts or pants.

  3. Sudden burning sensation.

  4. It gradually expands to one end.

Sentences of FLARE
  1. A match light shone on his face

  2. When making, add ham or add ham

  3. The fire broke out and ignited.

  4. Clothes explode in a big car

Synonyms of FLARE

burn up, burst, glare, flare up, flash, spread, widening, blaze, burn unsteadily, dazzle, flame, burn violently