Definition of Softwood:

  1. Coniferous wood (such as pine, spruce or spruce) is different from hardwood.

  2. Check wood classification.

  3. Young, flexible shoots of shrubs and other plants (in the garden) from which cuttings can be made.

Synonyms of Softwood

Panelwork, Pole, Treelike, Firewood, Beam, Nondeciduous, Arborary, Dendritic, Siding, Plank, Deal, Planking, Shake, Citrous, Evergreen, Bushlike, Stave, Hardwood, Two-by-four, Driftwood, Slab, Shrubby, Panelboard, Lathwork, Lathing, Clapboard, Sideboard, Slat, Coniferous, Arboreous, Scrublike, Arborical, Arboreal, Shrublike, Stick of wood, Sheathing, Timbering, Timber, Timberwork, Dendroid, Plyboard, Sheathing board, Board, Scrubby, Arboriform, Paneling, Stick, Shingle, Scrubbly, Cordwood, Plywood, Billet, Wood, Post, Arborescent, Arboresque, Stovewood, Puncheon, Sheeting, Lath, Dendriform, Cord, Three-by-four, Weatherboard, Deciduous, Piny, Lumber, Log, Bushy, Boarding, Splat

How to use Softwood in a sentence?

  1. Cover the conical branches until they are well rooted
  2. The two main types of wood commonly used in linking projects are hard and soft woods.

Meaning of Softwood & Softwood Definition