Soft water

Soft water,

Definition of Soft water:

  1. Natural or treated water that does not contain a significant amount of dissolved minerals such as compounds of calcium or magnesium. It produces copious lather with a little amount of SOAP or detergent and does not form scales in boilers, heaters, and kettles. It is however linked to a higher incidence of heart (coronary) diseases.

How to use Soft water in a sentence?

  1. My friend informed me that this was soft water and not the typical water that I was used to and that interested me a lot.
  2. You should try and use soft water when dealing with chemicals so that there are no adverse reactions to what you do.
  3. You should try to work with soft water in your factory if at all possible so that you arent having extra minerals involved.

Meaning of Soft water & Soft water Definition