Soft Sell

Soft Sell,

Definition of Soft Sell:

Meaning of Soft Sell: A subtle and attractive way to sell a product or service as opposed to a hard sale.

Literal Meanings of Soft Sell


Meanings of Soft:
  1. slowly.

  2. It is easy to mold, cut, compact or bend and does not feel hard and stiff.

  3. It has good features that include subtle effects or contradictions rather than sharp definitions.

  4. Empathy, affection or sympathy, especially to the extent that it is considered excessive, is not harsh or harsh.

  5. (From the cup) without alcohol.

  6. The price of (a market, currency or commodity) will come down or is likely to go down.

  7. (Water) which contains a relatively small amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts so that it can be easily slipped off with soap.

  8. Stupid stupid

  9. (Of a source) is pronounced like hesitation (like C)

Sentences of Soft
  1. I can speak softly and I can hear myself

  2. Soft margarine

  3. The soft light of the lamp

  4. The administration does not ignore crime

  5. They have ginger soda and some other soda

  6. Lack of oil: Now a new element has emerged

  7. Use only half the amount of soap when cleaning with clean water

  8. The presence of dominant acoustics is always light-headed and soft-spoken.

Synonyms of Soft

indulgent, permissive, subdued, liberal, generous, mad, dim, shaded, semi-liquid, simple, mellow, oozy, foolish, forgiving, witless, imbecilic, forbearing, squashy, sloppy, imbecile, squishy, clement, pulpy, easy-going, faint, lenient, tolerant, squelchy, stupid


Meanings of Sell:
  1. Give or take money (something)

  2. Convince anyone of the benefits.

  3. Cheating or deception (someone)

  4. Try to sell or sell something.

  5. Disappointment, usually because someone was deceived about something.

Sentences of Sell
  1. They sell cars

  2. Sell ​​the idea of ​​making a movie about Tchaikovsky. Ultimate March

Synonyms of Sell

get across, win approval for, bamboozle, get acceptance for, persuade someone to accept, swindle, trade in, beguile, take in, convince someone of the merits of, trading, cheat, selling off, mislead, hoodwink, trade, delude, gull, dupe, hoax, vending, fool, promote