Socio-economic Grouping

Socio-economic Grouping,

What is The Definition of Socio-economic Grouping?

This process involves dividing people into groups based on their social, economic and / or educational status.

Literal Meanings of Socio-economic Grouping


Meanings of Socio:
  1. In relation to society, society and ...

  2. In terms of sociology, sociology and ...


Meanings of Economic:
  1. From an economic or financial point of view.

  2. Justification in terms of profit

Sentences of Economic
  1. Government economic policy

  2. To stay accessible, many companies need to develop

Synonyms of Economic

profitable, productive, moneymaking, fruitful, profit-making, gainful, money-spinning, financially rewarding, remunerative, lucrative


Meanings of Grouping:
  1. Groups of people who work together on the same interests or goals, especially in large organizations.

Sentences of Grouping
  1. A group of Protestant churches

Synonyms of Grouping

grouping, side, set, camp, junta, affiliation, bloc, sect, political party, alliance, movement, caucus, cabal, group, association, faction, coalition