Social Sciences

Social Sciences,

Social Sciences Definition:

  • The social sciences are a collection of articles dedicated to dealing with society. This branch of science teaches how people interact, behave, develop as a culture, and influence the world.

Literal Meanings of Social Sciences


Meanings of Social:
  1. Informal social gatherings, especially those organized by members of a particular club or group.

  2. This refers to the company or its organization.

  3. Friendship is needed and, therefore, to make people's lives better.

  4. (Birds) breed in groups or nest in colonies.

Sentences of Social
  1. A social church

  2. Alcoholism is recognized as a major social problem.

  3. We are social creatures as well as individuals

  4. Waxed birds are friendly birds, and where there is ample food supply, flocks of hundreds of birds have been recorded.

Synonyms of Social

jamboree, general, gathering, social function, celebration, social gathering, soirée, festivity, function, get-together, at-home, reunion, communal, civilized, community, popular, social occasion, reception, interactional, social event, public, organized, group, party, civil, community-based, collective, civic, gregarious, societal


Meanings of Sciences:
  1. An intellectual and practical activity that involves systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experience.

Sentences of Sciences
  1. The world of science and technology

Synonyms of Sciences

field, body of knowledge, area of study, discipline, body of information, body of facts, branch of knowledge