Social loafing

Social loafing,

Definition of Social loafing:

  1. Some members of this group survive with less effort than working alone. The two most common interpretations are (1) free effect, in which some members do not do their job assuming that another effort causes a loss and therefore (2) causes a sucking habit where others Member (fully)) Reduce your effort. In response to Freder's position.

How to use Social loafing in a sentence?

  1. Finding and getting rid of people who are socially dependent on your company will help make things easier.
  2. Every organization has members who suffer from social problems and you need to show that it is unacceptable.
  3. My friend wanted to work with us in a group, which bothered me because I knew in the past that he had practiced social lottery.

Meaning of Social loafing & Social loafing Definition