Social loafing

Social loafing,

Definition of Social loafing:

  1. Tendency of certain members of a group to get by with less effort than what they would have put when working alone. Its two common manifestations are (1) Free-rider effect, where some members do not put in their share of work under the assumption that others efforts will cover their shortfall, and thus cause (2) Sucker effect, where the other (fully performing) members lower their efforts in response to the free-riders attitude.

How to use Social loafing in a sentence?

  1. If you can find the people that are social loafing at your company and get rid of them it should help things run a lot smoother.
  2. Every organization has some members that are prone to social loafing and you need to let it be known that it isnt acceptable.
  3. My friend wanted to work in a group with us, which worried me because I knew in the past that he practiced social loafing .

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