Social Listening

Social Listening

Social listening happens when marketers use a specific tool to track conversions related to topics, terms, and interests on social media platforms. The software collects mentions, hashtags, comments, etc. to generate a report on user behavior on social networks.

The process of using digital or social media tools and channels to discover and measure what people are saying about a company or brand online.

Social listening starts with discovering and evaluating what is being said on social media about a company, topic, brand or person. The social team then takes action based on the results of the analysis. Taking action can be as simple as responding to a satisfied customer or as important as changing brand strategy.

The process of monitoring social channels for people talking about your brand or matters related to your brand (including your competitors). Social listening is used for real-time audience research and to identify opportunities and challenges.

Social listening is how social media managers follow conversations about important topics, terms, brands and more, often using a dedicated software tool. Social listening software collects mentions, comments, hashtags, and relevant social media posts to provide insights into what and how users are talking. Brands often use this information to spot key trends and find out what people are saying about them and their competitors.

Social listening is a marketing process best described as guarding the digital space. This can be both social networks and the Internet. Marketers use social media listening to understand the conversations around your brand or industry and identify topics relevant to your business that can help prevent crises.

Social listening is a branding term for digital marketing that helps companies understand what is being said about their products or services in order to directly address customer concerns. Sellers can also use social media to understand the needs of their potential customers and provide support to establish themselves as a trusted source (see Social Selling).

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Meanings of Social:
  1. Festive gathering to encourage encounters.

  2. As for social networks or social networks.

  3. A system in which the state provides various benefits through general or special taxes to ensure the well-being of its citizens.

Sentences of Social
  1. Teresa feels uncomfortable in certain social situations.


Sentences of Listening
  1. Anyone who listens can see that he is lying.

Social Listening