Social good

Social good,

Definition of Social good:

  1. An action that provide some sort of benefit to the general public. It was clear that the local church was committed to the social good because every year they donate food and clothing to the low-income families in the community..

  2. A social good is something that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way, such as clean air, clean water, healthcare, and literacy. Also known as "common good," social good can trace its history to Ancient Greece philosophers and implies a positive impact on individuals or society in general. It also provides the basis for charity or philanthropic work.

  3. The capitalism-based definition of business states that companies exist only to provide the maximum possible return to shareholders. This has often not run parallel to serving the common good in ways such as promoting clean air and water or financial independence for all citizens. As corporations focus more on corporate sustainability efforts and social responsibility in recognition of a de facto social contract with the public, their business models may expand to include more work to promote social good in their day-to-day strategies and operations.

How to use Social good in a sentence?

  1. Social media has become an important tool to promote social good.
  2. Corporations gain employee trust and loyalty by providing them with a sense of purpose and loyalty in their work.
  3. In recent times, social good is used to refer to corporate initiatives that aim to enhance the social contract of corporations by promoting practices that are better for the environment and overall society.

Meaning of Social good & Social good Definition