Social commerce

Social commerce,

Definition of Social commerce:

  1. Social commerce professionals create and post messages and interactive features that promote online sales and other e-commerce initiatives. Some of the marketing tactics social commerce employs include:.

  2. A form of electronic commerce which uses social networks to assist in the buying of selling of products. This type of commerce utilizes user ratings, referrals, online communities and social advertising to facilitate online shopping.

  3. Social commerce is the use of networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as vehicles to promote and sell products and services. The success of a social commerce campaign is measured by the degree to which consumers interact with the company's marketing through retweets, likes, and shares.

How to use Social commerce in a sentence?

  1. The numbers of retweets, likes, and shares are measures of success for social commerce campaigns.
  2. Social commerce promotes products and services through networking websites.
  3. Social commerce also seeks to engage online shoppers by offering expert product advice and support.

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