Snaps Is The Name Of The Game

Snaps Is The Name Of The Game

Click on the name of the game !!! If you know what to play?

Snap board game. At least two people must be familiar with the game: the other (audience) is asked to reveal a secret and then reveal it.

The audience silently mentions a single player (sender's name), a word, a sentence, a person / place / thing, something that is well-known and not too long. Then the sender says to the recipient (others know), Snap is the name of the game and the name of the game is Snap, and it is better to send it. The sender then uses the code to transfer the word or password to the recipient. As soon as the recipient knows what it is, he notifies the viewer.

The code is:

The sender spells the word or phrase as follows: Every sentence that the sender says after snap is the name of the game and the name of the game is snap. Yes, the first letter is part of this message.

With the exception of the heads, the sender reports with a finger snap. One moment, and two, I three, four, u five instant.

This move, done quickly and practically, confuses the viewer and the recipient about the word or phrase, it does not seem that the sender has received enough information.

For example, if the password is George Washington, the sender might say:

Snap is the name of the game and this game is called Snap

Give me a minute

(Double click) (E)

(Click four times) (O)

Intelligent (D)

Do you still have (Grams)

(Double click) (E)

Wait a minute (W)

(Click once) (A)


Generally, the recipient can guess the word or phrase because all the letters are provided, which confuses the viewer. Once viewers are convinced that they know the secret, they can try to send or receive the secret to prove or disprove that they have discovered the secret.

Other types:

When the viewer becomes alert and gives the sender a difficult word, for example, guessing what the recipient is typing is not a word, but an indication of what it is. For example, to send ZE in this way, the sender can spell the letter Z, edit it, and avoid sending Z to Z.

Quick game

This page can help you.

Come back:

Solve the name of the game! If you know how to play alone?

I can play snapshots. I know that snapshot is part of the name of the game, but I am against it when they say that snapshot is the name of the game and this game is called snapshot. I don't even understand, this is not the name of the game, how did you get the hint? Thank you very much. If you don't know who I'm talking about ...

I thought you spoke the language.

Snap represents heads. (1 = A, 2 = E etc.)

Only the first letter counts when you speak. (Silence = h)

Cutting by hand is a pause between gestures.


Still, 2 pictures, you, cut by hand, take it! , hurry up! 2 pictures, run! , 2 photos.

That's it; there (there)

Snaps Is The Name Of The Game

Snaps Is The Name Of The Game

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Snaps Is The Name Of The Game