What does sth mean?

| What does SMTH mean?

SMTH is short for something. This is one of many shortened words from subtitles, similar to brb, to return right away and resort to thanks.

He also asked, what does Smth mean in Snapchat?

Something is the most common definition of SMTH on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SMTH. Definition: something.

We may also ask ourselves what does SMH mean in chat?

shake your headAlso, what does SMHT mean in the text?

The interest. SMHT.

Second most hated team (sport) only show internet slang / slang definitions (show all 5 definitions)What does SMT mean on Snapchat?

Suck my teeth

What does stg mean on Snapchat?

I swear to God

Does SMT mean anything?

SMT means to suck the teeth. Now that you know SMT is sucking my teeth, don’t thank us.

YW! What does SMT mean?

SMT is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term discussed above in which the definition of SMT is given.

What does SMH mean on Facebook?

shakes his head

What does it mean in SMS?


What does MK mean?

So now you know MK Mm means OK no thanks.

YW! What does MK mean?

MK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word discussed above in which the definition of MK is given.

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO is one of the many words used for texting, chatting, chatting and on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably seen this slang on the Internet before.

Curious what that means?

Did you know it can have multiple meanings?

LMAO is an acronym which stands for Laughing My AssOff.

What does SML mean on social media?

SML is an online acronym with subtitles that stands for several things. It can mean my life, a little love or sometimes a lot of laughter.

What does SMH mean sexually?

SMH literally means to shake the head, but is used to express general disapproval, irritation and frustration. It is used when someone says something you disagree with. (According to UrbanDictionary, it’s used when someone thinks something is so stupid that no words can do it justice.)

What’s the point of LOL?

LOL is an Internet language which means ridiculously strong. It is often mistaken for a lot of love. LOL is often used in posts which is a lot of fun.

What does oof mean on Twitter?

o my god! oof can be a term for pain, discomfort or nausea. Usually said by putting dissatisfaction in the face. Oof is often used on social media as an abbreviation for Out of Office. Legally, the meaning means order of loss.

What does GG mean?

nice game