Sms Meanings:

  1. Short message service. Allows you to send text messages from one phone to another.

Meanings of Sms

  1. Short message service (or messaging), a system that allows mobile users to send and receive text messages.

  2. Text messages sent or received via SMS.

  3. Text someone via SMS.

Sentences of Sms

  1. I currently write more than make phone calls

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What is Sms?

  1. Sms refers to SRT courier service. Allows you to send text messages from one mole to another.

Meanings of Sms

  1. Short message (or messaging) service, a system that allows cell phone users to send and receive text messages.

  2. Send an SMS to someone via SMS.

Sentences of Sms

  1. The British send tens of millions of text messages every day.

  2. I currently write more than I call.