Definition of Smorgasbord:

  1. A buffet offering a variety of hot and cold meats, salads, hors doeuvres, etc.

  2. Originally, Scandinavian buffet-style lunch consisting of several cold dishes, it now means a supper-buffet offering a wide variety of hot and cold dishes (hors doeuvres, cheeses, relishes, salads, smoked and pickled fish, different meats, etc.). Swedish for, sandwich table.

Synonyms of Smorgasbord

Cold table, Cold meal, Self-service, Smorgasbord, Antepast, Antipasto, Aperitif, Appetizer, Automat, Beanery, Bistro, Buffet, Buvette, Cafe, Cafeteria, Canape, Canteen, Cantina, Chophouse, Chuck wagon, Coffee shop, Coffeehouse, Coffeeroom, Cookhouse, Cookshack, Cookshop, Diner, Dining hall, Dining room, Dog wagon, Drive-in, Drive-in restaurant, Eatery, Eating house, Fast-food chain, Foretaste, Gallimaufry, Grill, Grillroom, Hamburger stand, Hash, Hash house, Hashery, Hodgepodge, Hot-dog stand, Jumble, Kitchen, Lunch counter, Lunch wagon, Luncheonette, Lunchroom, Medley, Melange, Mess hall, Mishmash, Pastiche, Pizzeria, Potpourri, Quick-lunch counter, Restaurant, Snack bar, Tavern, Tearoom, Trattoria, Whet

How to use Smorgasbord in a sentence?

  1. If you want to impress a new client you should put out a full smorgasbord when they arrive so they can find what they like.
  2. If you are hosting a big meeting for your staff it is good to put out a smorgasbord so that they can enjoy it.
  3. With hosts Kannikar and Ib Ottesen supplying a Danish smorgasbord which included Norwegian salmon and Japanese Sashimi, it was certainly an international gathering.
  4. I thought I was in heaven because of this amazing smorgasbord that was in front of me that looked so amazing.

Meaning of Smorgasbord & Smorgasbord Definition