Smiley Piercing

Smiley Piercing

Sogno on aiuto for a piercing smiley !?

If I don't leave the pigeon alone, I should leave it completely unexpected. .

Tanha, il gioiello adatto per lo smiley ¨ il Pierce a bell (il cerchietto), ¨ visile when I smiled, quello a banana, Secondo me, at iatto. If you want to get the sagoma sotto the lab ..

The point is not to file, but not too much to buy the meaning of the spoon.

il piercing ke puoi metere sleep: o quello a banana (curved leggermente) o quello a bell :)

Good luck

No, that's the right thing to do.

quella cn la bar dritta nn si la bar a U only

It depends on how much lingo I put in the banana. Clearly boring, mig migliore ƒÂ¨ Lanellino. ed ƒÂ¨ reed il piÃù my carino secondo. It is given only to you, not to Elo Tropo Avanti or Raschi di Spizarlo.

Smiley Piercing