SMART objectives

SMART objectives,

Definition of SMART objectives:

  1. A set of goals due to being specific, measurable, acceptable, at a reasonable price and with a fixed duration. The first letter of this feature is often assigned to the name Smart, and is often used by project managers in the business context during the initial assessment and setting of project goals.

How to use SMART objectives in a sentence?

  1. We encourage these employees to use smart goals so that we can clearly articulate and measure our plans and actions.
  2. She claims to understand the purpose of Smart, but she suggests that caregivers be equipped with sensible, yet specific and scalable actors who are not available for issue at an acceptable, relevant or highly timely price. ۔
  3. Achieving our smart goals is easy and unrealistic and it will help us a lot.

Meaning of SMART objectives & SMART objectives Definition