Small Cap

Small Cap,

What is The Meaning of Small Cap?

  1. Small Cap definition is: The market value of small cap stocks is usually 1.5 billion or less. Smaller cap stocks generally have more volatility than larger S&P 500 companies because they are less established.

  2. Small Cap definition is: Market capitalization of shares of companies valued at less than US 3 3 billion.

Literal Meanings of Small Cap


Meanings of Small:
  1. Normal or shorter than usual.

  2. It doesn't matter without meaning.

  3. Small clothes, especially underwear.

  4. A small tip or cash gift.

  5. In small pieces

Sentences of Small
  1. The room was small and quiet

Synonyms of Small

inconsiderable, infinitesimal, negligible, inducement, present, paltry, reward, bonus, minor, gratuity, compact, bijou, inappreciable, slight, little, bit extra, unimportant, trifling, gift, insignificant


Meanings of Cap:
  1. Covers safety items or items such as bottles, indicators or camera lenses.

  2. Most fungi and frogs spread the fruit on the upper part of the body and on the stems or pores.

  3. This means cape percussion

  4. Space cover or cover.

  5. Give rise or come to the right conclusion.

  6. General Agricultural Policy.

Sentences of Cap
  1. A man in a raincoat and a simple hat

  2. Coral fungus has no cover, but a fruitful body made of branched grapes.

  3. So be careful before you buy your child a jumping cap or balloon.

  4. Became the champion and crowned an unforgettable season

  5. The board's budget will be limited

Synonyms of Cap

put the finishing touches to, ceiling, round off, be a fitting climax to, perfect, put the finishing touch to, complete, set a limit on, put a ceiling on, bung, cork, lid, stopper, keep within bounds, crown, upper limit, top, spile, restrict, limit