Definition of Slump:

  1. A rapid fall.

  2. Undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount.

  3. A period of economic collapse with high unemployment and loss of trade.

  4. A sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something.

  5. Sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply, especially with a bent back.

  6. Slump is a slang term for a sharp decline in business activity, trade or market values. Slump is a very flexible term in that it is used to describe both a short, sharp decline as well as a more gradual, prolonged period of low activity or value. There are market slumps, economic slumps, industry slumps, earnings slumps and so on. In economic terms, slump usually refers to the beginning of a recession. A recession is not officially declared until several months of declining activity have passed, so the months leading up to the declaration of recession are simply described as a prolonged economic slump.

  7. A slump simply describes a period of poor performance or inactivity in an economy, market or industry. For example, industry slumps are common and widespread. The airline industry goes through frequent slumps brought on by intense competition where capacity on overlapping routes is built up to the point where multiple airline companies are losing money on the majority of flights.

Synonyms of Slump

Arrear, Arrearage, Arrears, Bad times, Be found wanting, Bear market, Bearish market, Beat down, Boom, Bottoming out, Break, Business cycle, Business fluctuations, Bust, Cadence, Catabasis, Catenary, Cave, Cave in, Cheapen, Cheapening, Collapse, Come short, Comedown, Cooling off, Crash, Crisis, Cut, Cut prices, Debasement, Decadence, Decadency, Deceleration, Declension, Declination, Decline, Decline and fall, Declining market, Decrescendo, Decurrence, Defalcation, Default, Defectiveness, Deficit, Deflate, Deflation, Deformation, Degeneracy, Degenerateness, Degeneration, Degradation, Delinquency, Demotion, Depravation, Depravedness, Depreciate, Depreciation, Depression, Derogation, Descend, Descent, Deterioration, Devaluate, Devaluation, Devolution, Die, Diminuendo, Dip, Dive, Downslide, Downswing, Downtrend, Downturn, Downward mobility, Downward trend, Droop, Drop, Dwindling, Dying, Ebb, Economic cycle, Economic expansion, Economic growth, Economic stagnation, Effeteness, Evil day, Expanding economy, Expansion, Fade, Fading, Fail, Failing, Failure, Failure of nerve, Fall, Fall away, Fall in price, Fall off, Fall short, Falling short, Falling-off, Falloff, Flag, Flop, Flop down, Flump, Flump down, Founder, Give way, Go down, Go downhill, Go off, Growth, Hard times, Heavy weather, High growth rate, Hit a slump, Hit rock bottom, Hit the skids, Imperfection, Inadequacy, Inferiority, Insufficiency, Involution, Jew down, Keel over, Lack, Lag, Lapse, Lose ground, Loss of tone, Low, Lower, Lowering, Mark down, Markdown, Market expansion, Nose dive, Nose-dive, Nosedive, Not answer, Not hack it, Not make it, Not make out, Not measure up, Not stretch, Not suffice, Off market, Pare, Peak, Peaking, Pitch, Plop, Plop down, Plummet, Plummeting, Plump, Plunge, Price cut, Price fall, Price reduction, Prosperity, Rainy day, Reach the depths, Recede, Recession, Recovery, Reduce, Reduction, Regression, Remission, Retreat, Retreating market, Retrocession, Retrogradation, Retrogression, Run down, Run short, Sad times, Sag, Sagging market, Set, Settle, Settle down, Shave, Short measure, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Sink, Sink down, Sinkage, Slash, Slide, Slip, Slippage, Slouch, Slowdown, Slump down, Smash, Soft market, Stagnation, Stop short, Stormy weather, Submerge, Submergence, Subside, Subsidence, Swag, Tailspin, Topple, Touch bottom, Trim, Trough, Tumble, Underage, Upturn, Wane, Want, Fall steeply, Plummet, Plunge, Tumble, Drop, Go down, Slide, Decline, Decrease, Sit heavily, Flop, Flump, Collapse, Sink, Fall, Subside, Steep fall, Plunge, Drop, Collapse, Tumble, Plummet, Downturn, Downswing, Slide, Decline, Falling off, Decrease, Lowering, Devaluation, Depreciation

How to use Slump in a sentence?

  1. Stock market slumps result in lower share prices and trading volumes, creating an opportunity for contrarians and value investors to buy further.
  2. Within an economy, slumps can be precursors to an oncoming recession.
  3. Land prices slumped.
  4. A slump refers to a period of poor performance or inactivity in an economy, market, or industry.
  5. A slump in annual profits.
  6. She slumped against the cushions.

Meaning of Slump & Slump Definition