Definition of Sludge:

  1. Thick, soft, wet mud or a similar viscous mixture of liquid and solid components, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.

  2. Semi-liquid residue from industrial processes and treatment of sewage and wastewater.

Synonyms of Sludge

Dry Ice, Berg, Calf, Clay, Cryosphere, Dregs, Firn, Floe, Frazil, Frozen water, Glaciation, Glacier, Glacieret, Glaze, Glazed frost, Glop, Goo, Granular snow, Ground ice, Growler, Gumbo, Gunk, Ice, Ice banner, Ice barrier, Ice belt, Ice cave, Ice cubes, Ice dike, Ice field, Ice floe, Ice foot, Ice front, Ice island, Ice needle, Ice pack, Ice pinnacle, Ice raft, Ice sheet, Iceberg, Icefall, Icequake, Icicle, Jokul, Lolly, Mire, Muck, Mud, Neve, Nieve penitente, Ooze, Pack ice, Precipitate, Residue, Scum, Serac, Shelf ice, Silt, Slab, Sleet, Slime, Slip, Slob, Slop, Slosh, Slush, Snow ice, Snowberg, Splosh, Squash, Swill, Mud, Muck, Mire, Ooze, Silt, Alluvium, Dirt, Slime, Slush, Slurry

How to use Sludge in a sentence?

  1. He dismissed as ‘scaremongering’ the claims that chemical and industrial sludges were being processed in the plant or that animal and body parts were being processed.

Meaning of Sludge & Sludge Definition