Definition of Slot:

  1. The specific amount of time during which the ad is aired.

  2. For example, the location specified in the contract or plan. B. Radio program.

  3. A long, narrow opening or slot in the machine to insert an object.

  4. Glue (something) on ​​a long, narrow hole.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Slot


Synonyms of Slot

Fistula, Phrase structure, Throwing open, Chap, Deep structure, Foramen, Chink, Strata, Slot and filler, Syntactic analysis, Schedule, Spot, Ranks, Break, Assignment, Opening, Shallow structure, Moat, Nullah, Cut, Gulch, Immediate constituent analysis, Direct object, Valley, Crevice, Gully, Clough, Col, Indirect object, Gorge, Levels, Couloir, Draw, Gape, Form-function unit, Aperture, Place, Complement, Sulcus, Gash, Dike, Seam, Joint, Subject, Hollow, Unstopping, Abysm, Hiatus, Pore, Fontanel, Put, Arroyo, Slit, Qualifier, Flume, Underlying structure, Syntactics, Slit, Assign, Excavation, Fenestra, Rent, Check, Canyon, Passage, Notch, Box canyon, Surface structure, Passageway, Insert, Spot, Cranny, Depression, Ravine, Fault, Niche, Dell, Disclosure, Fracture, IC analysis, Wadi, Channel, Attribute, Opening, Crevasse, Place, Cutting, Word arrangement, Tagmeme, Pass, Syntactic structure, Chasm, Split, Slip, Flaw, Appositive, Function, Gulf, Cavity, Kloof, Incise, Time, Syntax, Groove, Construction modifier, Position, Cleuch, Structure, Cleft, Chimney, Inlet, Broaching, Lacuna, Abyss, Orifice, Leak, Furrow, Crack, Open, Predicate, Interval, Breach, Rupture, Notch, Defile, Scissure, Space, Cleave, Word order, Yawn, Object, Fit, Cwm, Gat, Modifier, Uncorking, Stoma, Period, Filler, Vacancy, Slide, Hollow out, Crack, Coulee, Aperture, Job, Clearing, Gap, Groove, Hole, Ditch, Trench, Hole, Attributive, Laying open, Rime, Incision, Rive, Outlet, Opening up, Fit, Cut apart, Void, Donga, Fissure, Rift

How to use Slot in a sentence?

  1. He put a coin in the opening of the joke box.
  2. He put it on the tape recorder.
  3. Last minute TV slot.

Meaning of Slot & Slot Definition